5 Jan 2011

DRUGS IN JAIL?--WHO LETS THEM IN--ARE THE GUARDS ANGELS? They don't like a needle exchange.

Fight looms on jail needle plan

05 Jan, 2011 01:00 AM Edited: S W Read 05 Jan 2011

The ACT Government in Australia is on a collision course with territory jail staff after indicating the nation's first prison needle-exchange program could be introduced at the Alexander Maconochie Centre(jail).
The staff oppose the idea, is it because they make money from drugs in some way?
How many prosecutions of prison staff have there been in recent years? 
Do prison staff like to control the drugs so that they can control the prisoners, do they use the drugs as a carrot to ensure good behavior?
How come every prison in Australia and across the world has a drug problem?
We can catch drugs etc. coming into the country at airports and ports, surely the prison staff and equipment are really the weak link.
ACT Health Minister Katy Gallagher said yesterday that a new draft report of an 18-month audit of drug use in the AMC made a strong health case for a needle and syringe program.

Why don't we just break the nexus between guards and drugs, it's as plain as the nose on our face.

ACT Health figures show that half of male inmates tested in June were hepatitis C positive.  Two-thirds of women tested screened positive for the virus's antibodies.

Surely we should close this entry point, police the prison guards properly that's the answer.
Yet nothing happens, is it because there is an understanding between the police and prison staff and no one wants to rock the boat?

The the union representing jail staff says prisoners could use the needles as weapons.

DrugsExcuse me how are they injecting now, we aren't stupid, they are getting needles
from somewhere.

A spate of drug overdoses reported at a Melbourne women's prison may be a bitter pill for Corrections Victoria, but anyone who has spent time in jail would be far more sanguine about the news.
However shocking the law-abiding public may find jail overdoses, the attitude of most prisoners would be that it's a consequence of a lifestyle choice and no more than that, plus the availability of drugs within the prison, why I ask once again, are drugs so widely available.
That little is done is scandalous!

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  1. ... after reading this all I could do was take a deep breath ... right to the bottom of my belly ... and hope one day we could all live in a less corrupt world ... even in prison !!!