17 Jan 2011

RUPERT MURDOCK-- His papers almost daily throw muck at Julian Assange

Murdock must be scared of what Julian Assange might release about him, because his papers are now digging up stories years old and also suggest that his troubled childhood is somehow the reason for him wanting to encourage people to leak information.
His site does not encourage, it allows this information to have a voice!

Mr Murdock's papers are are becoming the publishing arm of the extreme right and powerful big business interests, these papers will dig up muck on anyone they do not agree with.

These people can't admit to themselves that there are people in the world that believe that truth is a virtue not a sin.

Because some people don't subscribe to the theory that business decisions should be hidden, secretive and not in the public's best interest to know, they are described as anti-business left wing communists and god knows what else.

Julian Assange should be encouraged to continue to make his sight available so we the public can blow the whistle on bad practices when we see them.

THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper, once a very respected journal is almost becoming a joke, many people believe they are biased in reporting and editorials, we even hear journalist laughingly say, "'oh no matter the subject they always have the same line".

So if we don't want real news, read The Australian for a laugh.


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  1. I guess it's true what they say ... something like .... believe in only 50% of what you read ... or something like that !!!


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