1 Feb 2011

COALITION CRIES WOLF AGAIN--Julie Bishop's foot in mouth again!!

Federal Opposition says the Government has been too slow to help Australians trapped in Egypt.

Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop says other countries have had evacuation plans in place much sooner than Australia.
Julie which countries, what plans and when were they in place?.
She is pleased that the Government is responding to the concerns of Australians, however the contingency planning should have been underway for some time.
How does she know when they started planning for this evacuation?.
"There must be plans to be able to evacuate immediately should the situation deteriorate even further, she says" she said.
These statements were made after the PM announced the evacuation plans, what in the world is Julie Bishop on about?.
Why can't she just come out and say the opposition supports the government and everything they do to evacuate Australians.
This country is being turned into a joke, the opposition opposes everything, even the most trivial.
We are now becoming a country without a viable alternative government, it is obvious that rather than be a constructive opposition they have turned themselves into a childish rabble.
Can someone in the opposition (Malcolm Turnbull maybe) please hold a hand up and turn the coalition into a real alternative, we deserve better than this rabble.
Where have their principles gone, we have know idea what they stand for anymore.
All we ever hear is NO,NO, WE DON'T AGREE WITH ANYTHING, is this the future of the Liberal party.
Where have all the Liberals gone, long time passing.(or so the song goes)

1 comment:

  1. Spot on!!!!.... ... I'm so proud of Premier Anna Bligh and Prime Minister Julia Gillard for handling our fragile situation in such a professional fashion ! [not all women are like Bishop] !


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