28 Feb 2011

Tony Abbott pledges to scrap carbon tax if Coalition wins the next election

Abbott's plan for Australia

Climate Change is no

His plan for Hospitals is no

His plan for the Mining tax is no

His plan for a tax levy for the floods is no

His plans for infrastructure spending is no.

Am I stupid or am I imagining that so far he has said that he stands for nothing, it seems as if his only policy is to create fear.

Tony I thought you were a clever politician, surely you have some ideas that that create something...anything!

The Coalition is supposed to be the alternative government, what are you giving us to work with, nothing but a fear campaign, it does not give one a sense of a positive alternative.

Mr Abbott you are giving us nothing, if you do not show that you have positive policies what chance do you have at the next election.....mine and buckly's.

Don't treat us like children give us something to focus on, we need you to show us your metal, not this wishy washy no,no,no stuff.

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