2 Mar 2011


World War I veteran Claude Choules turns 110 tomorrow

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FOREVER YOUNG: The last surviving World WA I veteran Claude Choules, believed to be Australia's oldest man, is set to turn 110. He served in the British Navy. Source: PerthNow

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WA's national treasure Claude Choules - Australia's oldest man and the world's last surviving WWI veteran - turns 110 tomorrow.
Mr Choules was born in England on March 3, 1901, and served in Britain's Royal Navy in Word War I and the Australian navy in World War II.
His family will hold a private celebration for him at his Gracewood nursing home in Salter Point tomorrow.

His daughter Anne Pow said she was organising a number of cakes for her father's birthday which he would share with his three children, and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

“He still likes his mango juice and soft caramel-like chocolates,” Mrs Pow said.

Claude Choules is the only combatant veteran from World War I still alive.
Mr Choules' son Adrian said his father cared little for the fuss and publicity that surrounds his remarkable longevity record.

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