MOST men would agree that an opinion on a woman's chest size is best kept to oneself, unless of course it became part of a normal conversation.
But this Sydney Council  believes the mayor cannot have such a conversation without breaching the code of conduct.
Kevin Crameri, awarded an OAM in 1999 for services to local government and the community, has stood down as mayor of Penrith.
He faces possible suspension - following an investigation into allegations he behaved inappropriately on an overseas business trip.
Mr Crameri was on a three-week trip to East Asia last November, when he allegedly propositioned an interpreter for a threesome and commented on the chest sizes of Asian women.
An independent report, found he breached the council's code of conduct 22 times,
Including holding an interpreter's hand when he climbed the Great Wall of China and "cuddling" women who wanted photos taken with him.
Mr Crameri, who has been mayor since September 2009 and a councillor for nearly 22 years, declined to comment until the findings of the report are presented to the council.
He allegedly asked an interpreter to come to his room and when she told him she shared a room with another interpreter, said: "I don't mind, we can have a threesome."
In a written response to this allegation it is believed Mr Crameri said: having a threesome was in the context of sharing jokes, I am not a young man."
Mr Crameri supposedly also remarked on the ''large busts'' of some women.
He claims the comments were made to ''reassure'' a female member of the delegation after she said she would have trouble finding clothes because Asian women have small busts.
General manager of Penrith City Council Alan Stoneham (a prude if ever there was one) said he was confident the investigation proved "no individual is higher or above community standards".
"The review panel found Cr Crameri breached our Code of Conduct in a number of incidents.
This is of great concern to me, and, I believe, the broader community, and totally unacceptable to our organisation’s values," he said.
I would be very surprised if he ever discussed the issue with the community at all, it's a beat up.
Are we so politically correct that one can't have a normal conversation.