25 Mar 2011

Petrol prices to rise again and again!!- WHY--WHY--WHY

The benchmark international crude price rose to more than $US106.50 at one stage yesterday, the highest since September 2008.

I must be stupid, when oil rose to $150 a barrel we paid a maximum of $1.45 per liter, why are we paying $1.49 when the price per barrel is about $115 per barrel, who's being ripped off by who.

The oil companies are doing what they like, when they like, our government, all governments are doing nothing.

Its about time we heard from the governments around the world, why do they let oil companies dictate the price of oil.

If they are only paying $115 per barrel why are we paying more than we did when it was $150 per barrel.

A proper investigation of pricing is long over due, every investigation to date has come down on the side of the oil companies.

Do they own governments, it sure as hell looks like it!

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