2 Mar 2011


Liberal frontbencher Peter Dutton compares Labor minister Craig Emerson to Gaddafi.

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  • March 01, 2011 12:07PM :

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    In a fiery exchange yesterday morning, Mr Dutton likened the Trade Minister's claims of support for Labor's proposed carbon tax to Gaddafi's claims that “everybody's in favour of me, nobody's rising up against me”.
    These comments show us to what levels some people, who are our paid servants will stoop to, it does not imbue us with confidence in their ability.
    He also compared Mr Emerson to Hussein's former information minister “Comical” Ali, aka Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf - Saddam.
    Dr Emerson was outraged by the comparison.
    I think that's pretty offensive,” he said.“I would rather you not use comparisons with a killer in Iraq and me, alright.
    “You might think that's flippant and funny, I think it's bloody disgraceful, you understand that, I think that is bloody disgraceful.
    There is a fine line here Peter, which you have crossed which you should not pass.”
    Peter Dutton now finds that he has been throwing **** at a mirror, we all know some always sticks.
    His language does not stand him in good stead as far as his future in politics is concerned, imagine this man getting upset with a visiting dignitary, we could be at war because of this mouth.

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