15 Apr 2011

Costello slams carbon tax. Still gets a Gong. Playing politics till the end

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has been recognised for his contribution to society at a ceremony at Government House.

After the ceremony, Mr Costello took the opportunity to criticise the federal government's plan to introduce a carbon tax on the big end of town.

"When the GST was introduced it was introduced as part of abolishing another eight taxes," Mr Costello told reporters.
"So good taxes are those that are simple and abolish other ones. Bad taxes are new taxes that come on top of the existing taxation system and complicate things."
How many of those eight taxes have been done away with Peter, can you tell me. Not many buddy, not many at all.
Carbon tax is bad, Mining tax is bad, in fact any tax on those that can afford to pay is bad.
However if it is a tax on the average Joe it is OK, they don't contribute to the party like the others do, do they Peter?

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