16 Apr 2011

JUST A NORMAL GUY DOING ABNORMAL THINGS IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE--Simpson's deeds at Gallipoli to be listed for Victoria Cross

Dylan Welch and Mike Carlton; Edited by: S W T Read
April 16, 2011
He is an iconic Australian figure - a reformed deserter, who dodged bullets with his donkeys  at Gallipoli for a month before being shot through the heart.
He is now set to finally receive the recognition he deserves.
From the bloody Monash Valley through Shrapnel Gully, John Simpson Kirkpatrick - who enlisted under the name John Simpson to avoid being revealed as a deserter - ferried dozens of wounded men to the beach at Anzac Cove.
Kirkpatrick (below on the right) was known to sing or whistle as he helped the injured down those treacherous slopes.
His acquisition of local donkeys, Murphy, Abdul and Duffy, made him a memorable sight.
Indian troops fighting with the British forces named him Bahadur - ''bravest of the brave''.
A Victoria Cross for Simpson?
A Victoria Cross for Simpson about time. Photo: Australian War Memorial

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