11 Apr 2011

MPs and celebrities urged to stand for top police jobs

First elections for new commissioners next May

By Matt Chorley, Political Correspondent
Edited By S W T Read:April 11:2011

Celebrities, MPs and senior officers are being sounded out about becoming powerful police commissioners in moves to hand control of forces to directly elected officials.

A former Crimewatch presenter has been approached about contesting the elections in May next year, several experienced celebrity police officers from a recent TV series have also been approached, least two former Labour cabinet ministers are understood to be considering quitting the Commons to run for the roles.
Across England and Wales, 41 elected police and crime commissioners will replace police authorities outside London, with the power to set policing and crime plans, control budgets and hire or fire senior officers. The average pay and pension package could be worth £122,000.
The system would be similar to the American model and it is well known in policing circles that this system encourages free enterprise.Ha!Ha!
Police commissioner wish list, here are the standouts.
Will they run or won't they?
1. Jack Meadows
2. Dale Smith
3. Gina Gold
4. Neal Manson
5. John Heaton
6. Samantha Nixon

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