14 Apr 2011


Operation Cast Lead.

What Goldstone did to his report was caused by Israeli pressure? Gaza was a whitewash.

He did not contradict these facts: More than 3,500 homes were destroyed, of which the IDF admitted later more than 90% had nothing to do with terrorists or aiding terrorists.

Hundreds of innocent people were killed, including more than 100 children - and these are once again the Israeli army figures, not Hamas's.

The wanton destruction above and beyond anything civilized armies do and the killing of hundreds of innocents.

Does it really matter what the Israeli intent was when the results were so over the top?

Israel wants to emulate the behaviour of Syria, Iran, Libya, and Zimbabwe when indiscriminately going after its enemies, I don't think so?

 It most certainly did with Operation Cast Lead.

UN reports state that despite 36 Israel Defense Forces investigations of the grave incidents mentioned in the Goldstone report, only one indictment has been filed.
Both reports reach the conclusion that "given the seriousness of the allegations, the military investigations thus far appear to have produced very little."
Israel has not fulfilled its obligation under the UN Convention Against Torture to investigate those complaints.
According to Mendelblit's testimony, his dual role as both chief prosecutor and legal advisor to the army makes it impossible for him to investigate those who shaped, planned, commanded and supervised Operation Cast Lead.

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