31 May 2011


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The Opposition Leader today revealed the shadow cabinet had agreed to back the introduction of drab olive green cigarette packages, depriving tobacco companies of their colourful branding.
"We will seek to amend the legislation to ensure that it really does bring smoking rates down but if our amendments fail we won't be opposing the legislation, because we really are committed in opposition as we were in government to try and bring smoking rates down,” he said.
The move follows an internal split on the measure, with several backbenchers warning they would cross the floor unless the Coalition backed the Labor proposal.
Mr Abbott said he would not comment on the specifics of Coalition amendments until he saw the government's legislation.
He said the opposition wasn't changing its position on plain packaging because it didn't have one initially.
But Mr Abbott has for weeks refused to offer support for the measure saying he was not convinced it would ease smoking rates.
Australia will become the first nation to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes, making the move a test case for tobacco companies.
They are likely to launch court action to protect their lucrative international brands against similar action elsewhere.



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Squabbling bunch of rabble, once ambition takes over

Hockey,...Coalition members described this defence as childish. Mr Hockey's colleagues also saw the comparison with Mr Turnbull as false, when he said that Swan was better than Turnbull when he was shadow ministerl

Hockey said "Since I took over as the opposition's treasury spokesman, the reverse is now the case."

Mr Turnbull was shadow treasurer in the heyday of the Rudd government. So Hockeys comments were rubbish.

Mr Hockey took an apparent shot at him when he said people should put their ambitions for the nation ahead of their own.

Of course he did not mention his own.

Tony Abbott recognises that Mr Turnbull would be the stronger shadow treasurer but the post would give him a greater platform to advance his leadership ambitions.

Andrew Rob was not impressed with Hockey's performance in the election campaign and believes Joe was missing in action.

Christopher Pine wants to be leader of any party at all, he just wants the power.

Yesterday's Essential Research poll had Mr Turnbull leading, overtaking Mr Abbott as "best leader of the Liberal Party".

Christopher doesn't get a mention, then again they aren't sure which party he fits into.

In February, Mr Abbott was on 24 per cent, Mr Turnbull 18 per cent and Mr Hockey 16 per cent.

30 May 2011

Japan Invents Palm-Sized Pee and Poop Audio Masker from Japan

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Peeing and pooping are an inescapable part of being human; so is being embarrassed. Many people absolutely dread letting loose their organs in a public restroom or, even worse, in the bathroom of a small house, with family and friends quietly sitting in an adjoining room. What are they to do?
Thanks to the brilliance of the Japanese, they can use the first-ever, palm-sized pee and poop audio masker, code-named Keitai Otohime.
Keitai Otohime Japan Invents Palm Sized Pee and Poop Audio Masker picture
Released in November 2009 by Takara Tomy Arts, the Keitai Otohime—priced at ¥1,449, or approximately $14.99—relies on two AAA batteries to deliver approximately 600 flushes, which, for the average person, means it’s good for a little over half a year.

The real goal behind this savvy albeit unusual invention is to save water. According to Takara Tomy Arts, in fact, the average Japanese woman flushes the toilet 2.5 times just to hide the sounds of her peeing and pooping. With a Keitai Otohime handy, these timid women can save approximately 4 gallons of water per use. (CNET)
The irony is that even “herbivorous boys”—aka Japanese metrosexuals—find the device appealing. One told Kyoto News, “I’ve always wanted something like that.”

THE TIGER it's silent can lay in wait for hours, A POLICEMAN steady and great stalkers--ONE WASN'T MOVED AT ALL THE OTHER RATHER REDFACED

LONDON - Police scrambled helicopters and ordered tranquilizers to hunt what they feared was an escaped wild animal in southern England - but found that the tiger was a toy.

Hampshire Police say they responded after several residents called in to say they'd seen a white tiger in a field near a golf course in Hedge End, near the English coastal city of Southampton.

A tongue-in-cheek recorded message posted to the force's media line said that after "a brief stalk through the Hedge End savannah ... it became obvious that the tiger was a stuffed, life-sized toy."

A second message posted on Sunday emphasized police had a duty to take such sightings seriously. As for the renegade tiger, "it's being treated as lost property."

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Woman called emergency services to report theft of snowman

If a problem viewing use E9
Police files 2011

Police in Kent, England, have described a woman who called the emergency services to report the theft of a snowman as "completely irresponsible." The woman rang 999 after noticing the snowman outside her house had vanished.
"There's been a theft from outside my house," she told the operator. "I haven't been out to check on him for five hours but I went outside for a fag and he's gone." When asked who had disappeared, the woman said: "my snowman." Chief inspector Simon Black said that the call "could have cost someone's life if there was a genuine emergency and they couldn't get through."

The woman told the operator: "I thought that with it being icy and there not being anybody about he'd be safe. It ain't a nice road but you don't expect anybody to nick your snowman." Black said that they had spoken with the woman and warned her not to call unless she was in an emergency.
Inspector Black said he is not putting the snowman's description out for publication as it is believed his appearance has changed already.

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28 May 2011

Muslims, Pagans, Homosexuals 'widely distrusted'??

'Widely distrusted'

Muslims and hostility towards Homosexuals and Pagans remain widespread in Australia, according to a new Australian Human Rights Commission report to be released today.

Barney Zwartz
March 21, 2011:Edited by:S W T Read: March:21:11.48am
Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21st Century Australia, reveals a vastly more complex religious landscape than 1998, when the last similar survey was done.

"Over the past 15 years  religious voices have re-entered the political domain vigorously," Professor Bouma said. - so it's not a result of September 11 -"It's the resurgence of religion around the world.''
The report says the secularist voice - atheists, humanists, rationalists - is emerging strongly, concerned to oppose religious influence on political parties.
In turn, many religious groups are worried about attempts to exclude them from the public square even though it appears they have a strong voice in the media.
Secularists and most Christian groups were suspicious of any legislation, such as vilification laws, that they thought might erode free speech.
Of the groups mentioned above I am surprise to see Pagans and Homosexuals, we all know that the shock jocks love to attack Muslims, however I haven't noticed any mention by them of Pagans, and the only mention of late about Homosexuals was relating to the gay marriage.
This research seems to be a little cockeyed, not that I disbelieve it entirely it is just that I would like to see the results from a much wider cross section of the community.  
Free and open discussion of all issues, be they religious or sexual, should be encouraged in my opinion, this is the only way we will come to appreciate other peoples views.
We don't always have to agree but if we have an understanding of where their views come from I'm sure a little enlightenment wouldn't hurt.
This report seems to flag the issue in a very general way, I personally would not take it at face value.

BUSINESS MARKUPS OF MORE THAN %100 NOT ENOUGH..... NOW THEY WANT ONLY $10 A tonne Carbon tax and Exemptions

THE Business Council of Australia is pushing for a carbon tax starting at just $10 a tonne and for trade-exposed industries to be effectively exempted, a stance that makes it impossible for Labor to craft a climate policy that can satisfy the Greens and big business.

The release of figures that show that Australians are being ripped off by retailing businesses to the the tune of at least %100    
markup on what other similar countries are paying for their goods why shouldn't we think that this exercise is nothing more than a grab for more cash.

The big players were moaning about Internet shopping ruining their businesses a short while ago, then we were told of the markups and guess what we haven't heard much about that subject since then have we.

The battling small businesses and workers are not even in the minds of these players they want the lot and don't want to pay for a thing.

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COLIN Barnett says relations between Western Australia and the Australian government are at a low point.

The Premier has begun forging closer links with Beijing rather than Canberra as economic power shifts to the resource-rich state.

Mr Barnett denied that Western Australia was in effect running its own foreign policy and stressed he was not in favour of secession.

Mr Barnett said Western Australia accounted for 44 per cent of Australia's exports, equal to the sum of exports from NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

"I expect, by the end of this decade, Western Australia will be accounting for well over 50 per cent of Australia's exports," the Premier said. "That is a massive structural shift in the Australian economy."
He made no mention of the amount of financial support the eastern states have given over the years to Western Australia, it seems he is blinded by the mining boom, with a memory block on the past.
The Federal governments of Australia of both persuasions have encouraged investment in WA and made decisions that enabled wide ranging development.
Barnett says "I'm not a secessionist" however development of closer ties with China than with the Australian government sounds very secessionist.
He says that he is not saying Australia is going to fall apart, but there is an unravelling of Australia's commonwealth-state relations and there is an unravelling of the financial relations that have underpinned the federation.
His description of unravelling means that things shouldn't change just because of the mining boom.
Well Colin I'm afraid things do change and I'm afraid WA is going to have to pay its own way, because now it can afford to buddy.

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27 May 2011

Abbott cherry-picks easy interviews

Tony Abbott's favorite announcers
who never ask hard questions.

Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Steve Price, Andrew Bolt, John Laws

The pick of intellectual heavy weights Ha, Ha, Ha
(This is not a joke it's sad) 

Abbott's media strategy is to go as lightly on his policy alternatives, which is why we have no real understanding of what he stands for.
All we no is that he can say no very well.

The more he can keep the government off balance, the easier it is to keep the public's eye on Julia Gillard's alleged shortcomings and not his policy because he doesn't seem to have any.

In order to succeed in that strategy, he has had to avoid the programs and occasions that allow for more in depth questions that may expose the shortcomings in the Coalition.

Abbott has largely avoided programs such as 7.30 this year. After all, it is on this show that he has put in some of his most self-damaging performances.

You will remember, for example, Abbott's embarrassing interview with Kerry O'Brien during the last election campaign.

He struggled to show any understanding of the broadband network and left us with the impression that the internet is there to download movies and send emails only.

It was his worst  day of the campaign because it showed him as someone with no plan for the future.

Consider these numbers, based on a rough count of interviews so far this year:

■2GB (mainly Alan Jones and Ray Hadley) - Gillard 2, Abbott 16
■MTR (mainly Steve Price and Andrew Bolt) - Gillard 0, Abbott 9
■2UE - Gillard 1, Abbott 5
■2SM (mainly John Laws) -Gillard 2, Abbott 9

I wonder which stations are pro-Coalition, it is up to the stations who they proffer to interview, guess what, they like Abbott and are blatantly biased.

The announcers listed are providing the majority of the cities in Australia with such a biased view it is not surprising that Tony Abbott is at their beckon call for interviews.
Tony Jones from ABC's Lateline program.
Tony Jones asks questions that are too hard for "Tony A"

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25 May 2011

Italy offers free beach umbrellas to the poor------ NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN IN AUSTRALIA

Amid growing concerns over Italy's economic slowdown and the rising number of needy Italians, a Tuscan town has decided to offer free days on the beach to low-income locals.

Instead of dishing out food stamps or extra child benefits, the town council of Camaiore near Lucca is offering two weeks' free rental of umbrellas at nearby beach. 

Camaiore, in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, lies five miles from the coast, where 146 spots have been reserved at beach clubs. "The clubs rent the sand from us, and have agreed to offer the spots at no cost," said Andrea Giannecchini, the town's assessor for social politics.

Like most of Italy's coastline, the beach is largely taken over by the clubs, which cover the sand with lines of umbrellas, leaving little free space. 

One club is offering a week's rental of a plot of sand, an umbrella, two deckchairs and a sun lounger this summer for €200.($270 Australian)

"The prices are increasing every year, so free umbrellas for the poor are becoming ever more important," said Giannecchini.

This could only happen in Italy, or could it happen anywhere.
If we let greed and corruption  take control of a country.

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West 'causing drought' in Iran

Edited by: S W T Read
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Western countries of devising plans to "CAUSE DROUGHT" in Iran. 

"Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran," said Ahmadinejad.

"According to reports on climate, whose accuracy has been verified, European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump" their water on their continent, he said.

By doing so, "they prevent rain clouds from reaching regional countries, including Iran", Ahmadinejad charged.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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Reward offered to rat out false teeth thief

By Chrissy Arthur :Edited by S W T Read : 10.00am
Updated 2 hours 52 minutes ago
An outback Queensland town is offering a reward for a native rat that has stolen a woman's set of false teeth.
Stonehenge resident Margaret Pidgeon, south-west of Longreach, says her teeth disappeared from her bedside table and she is certain a rat is to blame.

Native rat numbers have exploded in parts of Western Queensland due to the exceptional wet season.
"When I look up, there's this rat looking at me and I had nothing there to hit him with," she said.
"Anyway, when I went to get my false teeth the next morning, they are not there, they are gone.
"He didn't want my glasses, all he did was take my teeth, the bloody thing.
"He didn't waste his time the bugger, he just wanted my false teeth - probably took them back to his nest to see if he could chew them up.
"Put up a reward, 'wanted dead or alive: rat with false teeth'."
Ms Pidgeon says the reward is light-hearted but it is hard to smile without teeth.

All dental mechanics in the area have been alerted that if they are approached by a large rat who needs a set of  dentures modified, they should contact the police.

Police advise they should not try to apprehend the rat, as it is considered dangerous.
This particular rat is believed to have 20/20 vision so if approached don't get clever with it, just ring us.
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