27 May 2011

Abbott cherry-picks easy interviews

Tony Abbott's favorite announcers
who never ask hard questions.

Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Steve Price, Andrew Bolt, John Laws

The pick of intellectual heavy weights Ha, Ha, Ha
(This is not a joke it's sad) 

Abbott's media strategy is to go as lightly on his policy alternatives, which is why we have no real understanding of what he stands for.
All we no is that he can say no very well.

The more he can keep the government off balance, the easier it is to keep the public's eye on Julia Gillard's alleged shortcomings and not his policy because he doesn't seem to have any.

In order to succeed in that strategy, he has had to avoid the programs and occasions that allow for more in depth questions that may expose the shortcomings in the Coalition.

Abbott has largely avoided programs such as 7.30 this year. After all, it is on this show that he has put in some of his most self-damaging performances.

You will remember, for example, Abbott's embarrassing interview with Kerry O'Brien during the last election campaign.

He struggled to show any understanding of the broadband network and left us with the impression that the internet is there to download movies and send emails only.

It was his worst  day of the campaign because it showed him as someone with no plan for the future.

Consider these numbers, based on a rough count of interviews so far this year:

■2GB (mainly Alan Jones and Ray Hadley) - Gillard 2, Abbott 16
■MTR (mainly Steve Price and Andrew Bolt) - Gillard 0, Abbott 9
■2UE - Gillard 1, Abbott 5
■2SM (mainly John Laws) -Gillard 2, Abbott 9

I wonder which stations are pro-Coalition, it is up to the stations who they proffer to interview, guess what, they like Abbott and are blatantly biased.

The announcers listed are providing the majority of the cities in Australia with such a biased view it is not surprising that Tony Abbott is at their beckon call for interviews.
Tony Jones from ABC's Lateline program.
Tony Jones asks questions that are too hard for "Tony A"

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