28 May 2011

BUSINESS MARKUPS OF MORE THAN %100 NOT ENOUGH..... NOW THEY WANT ONLY $10 A tonne Carbon tax and Exemptions

THE Business Council of Australia is pushing for a carbon tax starting at just $10 a tonne and for trade-exposed industries to be effectively exempted, a stance that makes it impossible for Labor to craft a climate policy that can satisfy the Greens and big business.

The release of figures that show that Australians are being ripped off by retailing businesses to the the tune of at least %100    
markup on what other similar countries are paying for their goods why shouldn't we think that this exercise is nothing more than a grab for more cash.

The big players were moaning about Internet shopping ruining their businesses a short while ago, then we were told of the markups and guess what we haven't heard much about that subject since then have we.

The battling small businesses and workers are not even in the minds of these players they want the lot and don't want to pay for a thing.

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