7 May 2011


Thieves have stolen boxes of sirloin and fillet steak with a value of €20,000 from a premises in Naas.

The robbery took place in the early hours of yesterday.

A total of 12 boxes of sirlion steak and 34 boxes of fillet steak were stolen. They were all in vacuum packs.

The police said that any member of the public or business who was offered either of these meat varieties for sale under unusual circumstances should contact the police on the Confidential line on 1800 666 111 so they can arrange for a very large barbecue.

They believe that the perpetrators are of Australian decent who have been pining for a decent steak ever since they left Australia.

Apparently they are desperate and should be approached with caution, they are believed to be of lean build and quite tall and sunburned, although a little faded due to lack of sunlight.

Their original intention was to invite expat Aussies through coded messages on the Internet to a secret location to partake of their ill gotten gains.

Because of the current monitoring of the Internet due to the death of some sort of terrorist, this idea has been stuffed up.

So if you see a bunch of Aussies gathered around a heap of beef stacked on a barbecue beware, the big grins on their faces is dead give away, take care, beer and prawns could be next on the list.

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