30 May 2011

Japan Invents Palm-Sized Pee and Poop Audio Masker from Japan

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Peeing and pooping are an inescapable part of being human; so is being embarrassed. Many people absolutely dread letting loose their organs in a public restroom or, even worse, in the bathroom of a small house, with family and friends quietly sitting in an adjoining room. What are they to do?
Thanks to the brilliance of the Japanese, they can use the first-ever, palm-sized pee and poop audio masker, code-named Keitai Otohime.
Keitai Otohime Japan Invents Palm Sized Pee and Poop Audio Masker picture
Released in November 2009 by Takara Tomy Arts, the Keitai Otohime—priced at ¥1,449, or approximately $14.99—relies on two AAA batteries to deliver approximately 600 flushes, which, for the average person, means it’s good for a little over half a year.

The real goal behind this savvy albeit unusual invention is to save water. According to Takara Tomy Arts, in fact, the average Japanese woman flushes the toilet 2.5 times just to hide the sounds of her peeing and pooping. With a Keitai Otohime handy, these timid women can save approximately 4 gallons of water per use. (CNET)
The irony is that even “herbivorous boys”—aka Japanese metrosexuals—find the device appealing. One told Kyoto News, “I’ve always wanted something like that.”

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