28 May 2011

Muslims, Pagans, Homosexuals 'widely distrusted'??

'Widely distrusted'

Muslims and hostility towards Homosexuals and Pagans remain widespread in Australia, according to a new Australian Human Rights Commission report to be released today.

Barney Zwartz
March 21, 2011:Edited by:S W T Read: March:21:11.48am
Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21st Century Australia, reveals a vastly more complex religious landscape than 1998, when the last similar survey was done.

"Over the past 15 years  religious voices have re-entered the political domain vigorously," Professor Bouma said. - so it's not a result of September 11 -"It's the resurgence of religion around the world.''
The report says the secularist voice - atheists, humanists, rationalists - is emerging strongly, concerned to oppose religious influence on political parties.
In turn, many religious groups are worried about attempts to exclude them from the public square even though it appears they have a strong voice in the media.
Secularists and most Christian groups were suspicious of any legislation, such as vilification laws, that they thought might erode free speech.
Of the groups mentioned above I am surprise to see Pagans and Homosexuals, we all know that the shock jocks love to attack Muslims, however I haven't noticed any mention by them of Pagans, and the only mention of late about Homosexuals was relating to the gay marriage.
This research seems to be a little cockeyed, not that I disbelieve it entirely it is just that I would like to see the results from a much wider cross section of the community.  
Free and open discussion of all issues, be they religious or sexual, should be encouraged in my opinion, this is the only way we will come to appreciate other peoples views.
We don't always have to agree but if we have an understanding of where their views come from I'm sure a little enlightenment wouldn't hurt.
This report seems to flag the issue in a very general way, I personally would not take it at face value.

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