25 May 2011


Reward offered to rat out false teeth thief

By Chrissy Arthur :Edited by S W T Read : 10.00am
Updated 2 hours 52 minutes ago
An outback Queensland town is offering a reward for a native rat that has stolen a woman's set of false teeth.
Stonehenge resident Margaret Pidgeon, south-west of Longreach, says her teeth disappeared from her bedside table and she is certain a rat is to blame.

Native rat numbers have exploded in parts of Western Queensland due to the exceptional wet season.
"When I look up, there's this rat looking at me and I had nothing there to hit him with," she said.
"Anyway, when I went to get my false teeth the next morning, they are not there, they are gone.
"He didn't want my glasses, all he did was take my teeth, the bloody thing.
"He didn't waste his time the bugger, he just wanted my false teeth - probably took them back to his nest to see if he could chew them up.
"Put up a reward, 'wanted dead or alive: rat with false teeth'."
Ms Pidgeon says the reward is light-hearted but it is hard to smile without teeth.

All dental mechanics in the area have been alerted that if they are approached by a large rat who needs a set of  dentures modified, they should contact the police.

Police advise they should not try to apprehend the rat, as it is considered dangerous.
This particular rat is believed to have 20/20 vision so if approached don't get clever with it, just ring us.
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