12 May 2011

UFO pub punished for serving the stars

THE Territory's UFO roadhouse has been caught selling grog to Rod Stewart, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Charlie Brown and the Geelong Cats.
Licensing inspectors said the store at Wycliffe Well, 390km north of Alice Springs, had broken the law by selling more than six beers a day to a string of customers signing a takeaway register with bogus names.
Till receipts showed that the law had been breached 41 times.
The roadhouse is known as Australia's extraterrestrial capital after hundreds of sightings of flying saucers - there are even models of friendly aliens outside the bar.
But the Licensing Commission found the store was doing something very human after beaming down two part-time undercover inspectors, Veronica Thorpe and Matt Hopwood, late last year.
The commission yesterday ordered licensee Arc van der Zalm to:

 security cameras in the store; and
INTRODUCE a proper alcohol sales register.
But it did not take away the store's licence

WAS IT LIKE THIS? Charlie Brown, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, a Geelong cat and Rod Stewart say g'day to some other 'drop-ins' at the Wycliffe Well roadhouse, outback NT

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