5 Jun 2011

30 Minutes from Canberra..Yass missing basic equipment, is someone asleep out there..Can't they borrow equipment from Canberra?

KARAN GABRIEL: Yass Tribune : Edited : S W T Read June 5 : 1.39 pm

Victoria Kelly-Clarke is about to give birth to her fourth child. She is no stranger to the rigours of pregnancy and birth.

Even when diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Victoria wasn’t overly fazed - she knew it was something she could deal with.

When her doctor referred her for heart-rate monitoring of her unborn baby recently, Victoria was taken aback to discover she couldn't have this simple test done locally.

"I was told that they haven't had [a baby heart rate monitor] for about three months. There used to be two, but now they are both damaged, apparently.

"The hospital staff were very apologetic but told me I would have to go to Canberra for the monitoring - which I'm required to have twice a week for the next four weeks."

The test could be a life-saving one if Victoria’s baby suffers any kind of distress in the last few weeks of pregnancy. But it will mean two days spent in Canberra each week, when travel and waiting times are factored in.

That’s if she can get an appointment.

At the time of talking to the Tribune, Victoria explained that she had tried to make an appointment for her first scan at Calvary Hospital but was still waiting to hear back.

"They are incredibly busy - it's hard to get an appointment,” she said.

“If I could do it at the Yass Hospital I could be in and out in 15 minutes," Victoria added.

Why hasn't the Yass Hospital had these equipment repaired and arranged to borrow equipment to tide them over, is NSW so strapped for cash they don't even have backup equipment.


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