30 Jun 2011


A refuse collector in Cairns, Australia, is driving along a street
picking up the wheelie bins and emptying them into his compactor.

He goes to one house where the bin hasn't been left out, and in the
spirit of kindness, and after having a quick look about for the bin,
he gets out of his truck goes to the front door and knocks. There's no

Being a kindly and conscientious bloke, he knocks again - much harder.

Eventually a Chinese man comes to the door. "Harro!" says the Chinese man.

"Gidday, mate! Where's ya bin?" asks the collector.

"I bin on toiret," explains the Chinese bloke, a bit perplexed.

Realising the fellow had misunderstood him, the bin man smiles and
tries again. "No ! No ! Mate, Where's your dust bin?"

"I dust been to toiret, I toll you!'' says the Chinese man, still perplexed.

"Listen," says the collector. "You're misund erstanding me. Where's
your 'wheelie' bin?'"

"OK, OK." replies the Chinese man with a sheepish grin and whispers in
the collector's ear. "I wheelie bin having se*x wiffa wife's sista!

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