2 Jun 2011


Bob Beale
June 1, 2011
We knew Sydney radio host Alan Jones was influential, but who would have guessed he could pull off a miracle??

Not by turning water into wine, but he has managed to transform something into nothing.

That something is carbon dioxide. You know? It's the gas in the bubbles in your beer.
Jones wants us to believe that what is true for a glass of grog applies equally to our entire planet - carbon dioxide is just a harmless bit of fizz that enlivens the brew then, poof! It's gone and of no further consequence.

No wonder he has agreed to be the founding atron of Australia's newest and arguably most extreme climate-science denier organisation - the paradoxically titled Galileo Movement.

This group's leaders aren't merely sceptical about mainstream climate science - they outright deny that the world is warming (the thermometers are in the wrong place).

They scoff at the idea that human activity can cause warming (carbon dioxide is just plant food); and they even reject that global warming could be harmful (relax, do nothing - it's natural).

Outspoken ... Alan Jones.

You are just plain wrong

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