15 Jun 2011


HOOKSETT — A 23-year-old man pretended he suffered from a brain injury so an unsuspecting in-home nurse would change his adult diaper, police said.

Eric Carrier, of 95 Granite St., Hooksett, turned himself into police Tuesday after a warrant was issued charging him with indecent exposure.

Carrier allegedly faked having a severe brain injury that would require him to wear adult diapers. A nurse caring for him became suspicious, police said.

Hooksett Police Detective Janet Bouchard said Carrier placed advertisements on Craigslist requesting services from in-home nurses.

In the advertisements, Carrier allegedly posed as his father and said he needed help caring for his son, who suffered a brain injury in a car accident.

“He had no disability. He wasn’t in a car accident,” Bouchard said.

When a nurse arrived at Carrier’s home in March, the “father” was nowhere to be found and Carrier was at the home by himself and acting as if he were disabled, police said.

“(The nurse) stated that because the father wasn’t home, she decided she didn’t want to leave him” without a clean diaper.

“He exposed himself and it caused alarm to this nurse,” Bouchard said. “He brought her there under false pretenses.”

The nurse was in the home less than an hour before the diaper incident occurred. Police said the visit was meant to be an introduction so the nurse could assess what type of care she needed to provide in the future. After some time, she was unsure if he actually needed nursing care.

When no one called the nurse back to schedule future appointments, she called police to report what happened.

He is scheduled for a district court arraignment in about three weeks


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