30 Jun 2011


29/06/2011 - 18:10:28 Edited by : S W T Read: June 30 : 12.07pm

A bar in New Zealand has started serving shots of horse semen.

The Green Man Pub in Wellington charges NZ$25 for the 30ml apple-flavoured drink, which each contain around 300 horse sperm cells.

Pub co-owner Steven Drummond had the idea for the unusual drink, which comes fresh from a Christchurch stallion farm, when he was attempting to think of a new drink for a local food challenge.

He revealed both male and female customers have been keen to down the drink, but he advises them to down the sticky shot in one, rather than sip the odd substance. 

There has so far been no obvious side affects such as pawing the ground or whinnying, however some people have been drawn to hay bails and they have mentioned that the smell of fresh hay is a real turn on. 
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