12 Jun 2011

NEWS Ltd's GUTTER JOURNALISM ATTACKS AFP Police commissioner over a secretary's overseas trips, if it was a man it would be OK!!!!

News Ltd's newspapers are once again on a witch hunt, this time it's an AFP Commissioner, it appears that Commissioner Tony Negus made the unforgivable mistake of taking his secretary overseas on an official overseas trip to do secretarial work.
Instead of a high ranking police officer at two or three times the cost to take the same notes.

Now most newspapers wouldn't give it a mention, however News found that the secretary was an attractive lady who was once a member of a cheer squad for a football team.

Then they dig out a photo of her cheer squad days to make an obvious innuendo that something fishy was going on.
This was obviously to good to miss, an attractive woman on an overseas trip, it can't be innocent, surely not, they must be having an affair it's assumed.

So lets dissect this story a little.

If a female police officer accompanied the Commissioner and she was an ex cheer squad member and they had a photograph, would we have a story......Yes

If it was a Gay officer, would it mean that they were in a relationship, no it wouldn't even be considered, unless of course they could get a likely photograph, then......Yes

It becomes rather obvious that unless they can find some salacious photograph to attach to the article there is no story.

They could make it up I suppose. They wouldn't do such a thing would they, surely not...........?
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