12 Jul 2011


SO NOW, we know exactly what to expect when, as seems likely, the carbon tax comes into effect on July 1 next year.

The average household's costs will increase by about $10 a week.

90%  per cent of households will receive tax cuts and benefit increases to compensate them for this higher cost and two-thirds of households will be fully compensated.

The top 10% of money earners will not be compensated. Shame, shame, shame.

Uncertainty over? Don't you believe it.
Now begins the search for the ammunition in the details, so the Coalition is desperately digging for dirt. The truth is not on their mind at the moment.

It will be very frantic and imaginative, led not by truth seekers, it will be led by all those who stand to gain by convincing us disaster is about to happen to our economy.

How much trust can we place in the Coalition.

  • In its day, the Coalition has supported putting a price on carbon emissions.

  • Are we be sure Tony Abbott's change of heart isn't motivated primarily by desire to win back government?

  • We will be assailed by business people telling us how devastating the tax would be for jobs in their industry.

  • Can we be sure they aren't exaggerating as they jockey for more concessions? 

  • We doubt the word of politicians, can we trust the predictions of business people?

I don't know about you but I don't trust either group.

If almost every scientist in the world is telling us about a problem for the planet why on EARTH(we only have this one) don't we believe them!!!!!

Are they about to gain any benefit, none, except they can breath clean air.

Do they stand to make a profit, no....no...no!

Do they expect to become the government, no...no...no!


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