22 Jul 2011

CATHOLIC priests will be forced to report all admissions of child abuse during confession. Says Australian Senator.

CATHOLIC priests should report all admissions of child abuse during confession.

A plan from the independent senator Nick Xenophon would make reporting child abuse mandatory.

Senator Xenophon's call was inspired by Irish Prime Minister who launched an unprecedented attack on the Vatican this week for its failure to tackle child abuse in the church, accusing it of ''dysfunction, disconnection and elitism''.

Senator Xenophon attempted a similar move in 2003.

He will write to state and federal attorneys-general this week pushing for mandatory reporting.

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland's spokesman said issues regarding compulsory reporting of child abuse were a matter for the state governments.

No one wants to take on the church, once again they are getting away with breaking the law.

Senator Xenophon said: "No church should be complicit in the cover-up of child abuse just so some paedophile can try and clear their conscience.

''The laws of the land should always trump religious practices. The protection of children should come before any other consideration.

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