27 Jul 2011

Lord Christopher Monckton..CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY!!..Tony Abbott does.

SIGN out the front of Wagga's Country Comfort Hotel last night said "climate sceptics" this way - and they came.

Only 200 people turned up to hear Lord Christopher Monckton put forth his views on climate change and government action.

His charming, eccentric manner was on display from the outset as he had the crowd to yell "no!" when he said "ETS" (emissions trading scheme).

The controversial speaker lived up to his reputation with a number of incredible claims:

He likened the consensus on climate change to the killing of six million Jews in WWII which he says never happened.

Then he claimed that higher CO2 output saw fewer child deaths.

He then said the investment in biofuels led to people in Haiti starving.

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