21 Jul 2011


Woman faces jail for planting organic vegetables

Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan is being charged with a misdemeanor offense and is facing up to 93 days in jail. Her crime? Planting a vegetable garden—in her own yard.
She chose to take the unusual step of installing neatly arranged raised beds of vegetables in her front yard.
1-a-1But it’s her property, and she’s allowed to do with it what she pleases, right?
Wrong, say the local authorities, citing local codes that require front yards to have only “suitable” live plant material.
City planners say that vegetables, for some reason, are not suitable.
Bass was given a warning, then a ticket, and now she has been charged with a misdemeanor for violating the City of Oak Park’s planning code.
Councils around the world are going mad, a little power is good, too much goes to the head!!!!

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