23 Aug 2011

BHP doesn't like staff to think that they are important...HARD LABOUR THE NAME OF THE GAME...NO FUN TO BE HAD!!

"Post-it notes are to be removed from your monitor/keyboard at the end of the day," the policy states.
"Other than workstation identification and first-aid or fire warden signage, nothing is to be placed on workstation dividers, walls or doors at any time.
"Small bags may be stored under work stations during the day or stored in cupboards.
"Food must NOT be eaten at your work station."
Employees are also told that mobile phone ring tones should be kept at a low volume.
Workers are also ordered to watch the tone and volume of their voices and the language they use in the office.
Ipods and MP3 players are not to be brought into work.
In the company's clubrooms, which are designed for employees to relax and eat lunch, workers are banned from eating food "that emits strong odours".
Microwaves, toasters and sandwich presses are unavailable in clubrooms, while fridges are not to be used for any purpose other than storage of daily lunch.

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