29 Aug 2011

War about to erupt..... between consumer groups and the food industry

War between consumer groups and the food industry  over a recommendation to introduce a "traffic light system" on the front of food packets.

They claim it could turn consumers away from some natural products such as milk, which contains fat and saturated fat, or fruit juice, which contains natural sugar.

Queensland senator Ron Boswell produced examples that gave sultanas three green lights and a red light for sugar -- the same as for confectionary.

None of these recommendations have been agreed upon yet, 

Consumer group Choice and public health advocates are strongly in favour of it.
Some supporters of the proposal are understood to be preparing to launch a major campaign in favour of the move.
Food and grocery council chief executive Kate Carnell said her organisation opposed the traffic light system because there was no evidence that it was better than the daily intake labels that are on food packets.
Surely Australians are entitled to labelling that makes us more aware of products health affects.
A final decision is expected in late December.


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