18 Aug 2011


Motorcyclist lying injured in the road dies after being run over by an ambulance
 DAILY MAIL REPORTER:Edited by:S W T Read:Aug:18 :9.24am 

An injured biker lying in the road after falling off his motorcycle was run over by an ambulance responding to a separate 999 call.  
Michael Colley, 33, was knocked out after coming off his Suzuki GSXR near Calne, Wiltshire, in the early hours of Sunday morning.  
Two passers-by stopped their car to help and dialled 999 after finding him apparently unconscious but breathing.
Moments later the motorists desperately tried to flag down the oncoming emergency vehicle which failed to stop and hit the man instead. 

A spokesman said: 'While the crew was en route along Black Dog Hill a motorist tried to flag them down and alert them to the body of a fallen motorcyclist in the road.
'Tragically, the crew did not see the body in time and the vehicle hit the male motorcyclist lying in the road. 
'Our sincere condolences to the friends and family of the deceased motorcyclist in this tragic event.

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