14 Sept 2011

45 MILLION....WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS...GUESS?...america yes!

46.2 million last year, nearly one in six people.
The 2010 data shows the poverty rate at 15.1%, from 14.3% in 2009.
The poverty rate was the highest since 1983, and tied with the level in 1993.
A clue, they have Stars and Stripes on their flag.
The number of Americans living below the poverty line has now risen for four years in a row.

In the land of the free it isn't, nothing is free unless you are in the Mega wealth category, should you fit you will find that you don't even have to bother with tax because the Republicans think the wealthy should have tax lowered and they have done so for many years.

It is no wonder they have such high levels of poverty every move made by the Democrats has been blocked by the Republicans.

Such large numbers fuel the likely hood of home grown terrorism out of sheer frustration.

America could be building a whole new breed of frustrated citizens, beware!

Even younger Americans were also strongly affected. Twenty-two percent of those under 18 were living under the poverty line - up from from 20.7% in 2009.

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