27 Sept 2011

AUSTRALIAN AT RISK!!......CSL(once owned by Government).......... NOW PENICILLIN IS RUNNING OUT..Privatising Sucks!!!

The Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
Privatised in 1994

Since this time the ethics of this organization seem to have changed.

As private firms do they are out to optimize profit, therefore it should be no surprise that they are now outsourcing, however should they be doing it with such a weapon that is the foundation for fighting so many infections.

HOSPITAL superbugs could gain the upper hand and patients with serious infections may be given second-rate treatments in coming months because of a shortage of penicillin.

In an extraordinary move that has shocked the medical community, drug company CSL sent a letter to hospitals last week telling them to start rationing an intravenous form of the drug known as benzylpenicillin or BenPen because of a delay in delivery from its overseas supplier which would last until December.

It said that if hospitals could not access the drug, they should consult infectious disease specialists on appropriate alternatives.

CSL is the only company with an agreement to supply the intravenous form of the drug to Australia.

This was a great idea when we owned it, however not so now.

Its a bit like having an army with great equipment and no ammunition because the supplier can supply it at cheaper price will supply it later.

So if someone attacks Australia we just tell the aggressor to wait for a while before they start, so we can get the cheaper ammunition. 


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