6 Sept 2011

A PORTA-LOO, LOO, LOO...A very dirty not so old man!!

A woman went to use the portable toilet Friday and told police she noticed something moving inside the tank when she lifted the lid. She believed there was a person inside the toilet, so she went to get help.
A man who was standing nearby went in to check and he also saw someone inside the tank, seemingly covered by a tarp. He told security, and then heard the door lock from the inside.
“A festival security supervisor waited outside for several minutes and then saw a suspect emerge from the portable toilet,” police said in a release. “The supervisor tried to detain the suspect, but he ran away, covered in feces.”
The suspect was described as about 20 years old, white maybe, very tall, thin and was wearing sort of dark gray sweatpants and no shirt or shoes.
Witnesses told police the suspect had several cuts on his back and legs. The suspect was also wearing leather bracelets on each wrist,or something that could have been.
Police believe the suspect may be a transient and are hoping for an early arrest because apparently the smell inside the toilet was quite strong.
Apparently none of the officers volunteered to collect samples for DNA testing.
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