13 Sept 2011

SCOTS GET TASTE OF AUSTRALIA IN HOSPITAL...Yes its true sunburn strikes hospital staff!

Health workers suffer indoor sunburn from too-bright lightbulb

Published Date: 03 September 2011

WORKERS at a Scottish hospital were treated for symptoms
 similar to sunburn because the wrong light bulb was used
 in a device to kill flies.
An investigation was launched after the incident at
 Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, which affected eight people.

It followed a food preparation demonstration in the hospital's

 catering department. An electric fly-killer in the room 
using ultraviolet (UV) light used a UVC bulb instead of a UVA bulb.

Shortwave UVC is the most damaging to skin

.Longwave UVA is enough to tan skin.

Several hours after the demonstration

 yesterday, two members of staff and one from
 outside the hospital reported symptoms of a skin rash
 and sore, watery eyes.

A further three NHS Highland staff and two

 environmental health officers from Highland Counci
l experienced similar symptoms a few hours after being
 in the same side room of the Raigmore kitchen on Monday.

In all, five of those affected - three NHS Highland

 staff and two others - attended the accident and
 emergency department and were given treatment for their eye irritation.


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