10 Sept 2011


New costumes allow owners to turn their pooches prehistoric

Owners bored of their pet being a plain old poochave got the wish.
In just a minute a once dull looking dog can be transported millions of years into the past to become a frightening raptor, stegosaurus, or triceratops thanks to a new set of costumes.
But the animals man's best friend can be transformed into are not just limited to the realm of the extinct.
The new range of Animal Planet outfits also includes a bat, elephant, tortoise, shark, zebra and a walrus amongst many more.
Makers Party City claim their range of costumes are 'especially designed for pampered pooches' and 'can make your inter-species dreams come true.'
Being sold online for £20 upwards, they are made from foam and feature padded headpieces and bodysuits, and are lightweight so the dog can enjoy their new image without any discomfort.

This raptor costume will make your pup look dangerously cuteProud owners are guaranteed to make their pet prehistoric if they choose this stegosaurus kitIn seconds make your dog roar around as a powerful triceratops by popping on this headpiece
This cute dog will be slow and steady in this tortoise costume is nothing real these days

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