20 Sep 2011

'World's Oldest' Sword Swallower Performs for Seniors

The Wasilla Senior Center has a full event schedule for it's residents. Bingo, fitness classes, arts and crafts and card games keep everyone occupied most days, and they seem to like it that way. But every once in awhile a unique visitor comes along and, for a few minutes at least, bingo is put on hold.
Jimmy Ball has been entertaining crowds since he was 12-years-old. Now, at 76, he knows just what an audience likes, and so the Kansas resident thought he'd volunteer a little time on his Alaska vacation and put on a show for the people at the senior center with his rare skills.
Ball is a sword-swallower, the oldest practicing one in the world he claims. No one-trick pony, he also swallows stretched-out coat hangers.
“I love doing it and I love the people,” Ball said, after swallowing two different swords and a coat hanger.
“Something different for the people here and they all enjoyed it,” said Carl Tinley, a resident who watched the performance.

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