26 Oct 2011

THE BIG BROTHER OF POKER MACHINES IS HERE--BE WARNED!!! "Tony Abbott gives the go ahead for no controls"

Richard Willingham
October 26, 2011
NEW pokie machines with earphones for punters that promise owners ''a new level of profitability'' have been condemned by federal MPs, a Victorian minister and academics as dangerous and likely to increase problem gambling.

Advertisements directed at venue managers, from US company Bally Technologies, promote the machines as having the ability to ''deeply immerse and engage players in game play'' that, along with high-definition LCD displays and ergonomics would allow venues to take their operation to a new level of profitability.

The machines were uncovered by gambling reform advocate and former pokie addict.

Bally's Australian arm BGI Australia told The Age there were 135 machines now in NSW.

''The idea of plugging into a poker machine and shutting out the world like this goes against every known concept of responsible gambling.

The only reason any venue would install these machines is to make more money at the expense of creating addicts''

Experts warned headphones would mean players would lose sense of time and reality.
The state government is unhealthily dependent on gaming tax revenue.

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