1 Oct 2011


We have all been reading about the number of Polish people moving to England, well think again!

More Poles coming to Britain in search of work and a new life thanks to the opening of European borders?

No not really true!

In fact many British men seeking work in Poland — reversing the trend of recent years.

Many middle-class Britons, fed up with the recession, austerity cuts and seemingly unbridled immigration at home are, becoming migrants themselves and heading to Poland for a better life.

They find the only economy in Europe not to have fallen into recession during the credit crunch, a business culture open to fresh ideas and inward investment, a society that places a premium on family values, a lower cost of living.

For thousands of British males, a female population they seem to find irresistible.
Poland’s quality of life is significantly better than Britain’s, primarily because of lower crime, violence and living costs.

Poles have on average ten more days’ holiday a year — and nearly 200 more hours of sunshine

They are amazed to see a largely untapped business market and a growing middle class,’ says the director of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

You find a niche here and you can get rich very quickly.’

‘It’s about the quality of life for me,’ says a 32-year-old IT worker from Nottingham who moved to Krakow last year. ‘I visited Poland several times on holiday, and each time I came I liked it more and more.
‘I could earn a lot more in England, but I’d never enjoy the lifestyle so much. Every day I walk to work through Krakow old town, past the Wawel Royal Castle, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe, and have to pinch myself.

‘People are friendly and the pace of life is slower. The architecture is stunning, basics are cheaper and the markets are full of food that is locally grown.
‘You can probably earn one-third of what you do in Britain and still be comfortably off.’

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