2 Oct 2011


Euthanasia.... Nitschke hands out banned book

Controversial pro-euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has risked breaking the law by handing out copies of a banned book giving advice about suicide.

The Peaceful Pill, was banned in Australia in 2007.

It discussed the legal and moral aspects of voluntary euthanasia, but more controversially offered instructions on how to make prohibited barbiturates, which can be used to bring about death.

He admitted he risked breaking the law by giving away copies of the book after a speech about euthanasia.

"I guess it's a political act to go and hand these books out," he told an audience of about at the Opera House today.

"This is actually a crime to make available, or distribute or sell the books.

I suppose at the book signing, when we make them available, we might be in breach of the law."

After Dr Nitschke's speech, dozens of people queued up for signed copies of his book.

One person who asked not to be named, said "It's every individual's right to decide if they want to take their own life."

Hitler and Stalin banned books and burned them.

This is Australia in 2011, have we learned anything!

"People want to have choice, they don't want information locked away in the cupboard."

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