11 Oct 2011


The wedding I attended last Friday was held on a beach, then the reception at another venue.

I thought I would share some of the experience with you. The location was very beautiful with islands in the background, I would say they had picked a lovely spot.

There was only one problem, I use a wheel chair for going any distance and I was assured that it was accessible, though a little hard. Not to worry I said, I'll make it, it can't be that bad?

Well then began the attempt, access was to be through a private park, it was organized so we could get access. No this did not happen.

Not to be out done my wife, with me in the chair decided that we would do it the hard way.

Have you ever seen a wheel chair bogged to the axles in sand, well we got about 150meters with the help of another couple and a surfer who rushed out of the water to help us, and that was that!

By this time the ceremony was about to start so I sent my wife on, a mere 3/4 of a kilometre.
Small specks on the horizon was all I could see of the wedding at that distance.

As for my wife, it was a Herculean effort, how she covered the distance on that sand after dragging me as far as she did was  truly amazing,Amazing........

The return trip was more or less the same trip in reverse.

As for the happy couple, they were blissfully unaware of the great adventure.
I did get to see them at the reception which was great!

It was a very special occasion for them both and I think that my adventure was a great talking point, and one of the funniest experiences I've ever had.

This was the most memorable wedding I have ever attended.

No it wasn't crocodiles or sharks that stopped me on that dam beach, it was just bloody sand!
They say where there's a will there's a way. NOoooooo, Not this time.

The odd crocodile, shark or wild buffalo would be nothing compared to soft beautiful white fluffy sand.


Not a normal wheel chair
Definitely not suited to Sandy desert conditions

This is probably more appropriate


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