20 Nov 2011


Game show in The Netherlands 'pits asylum seekers against each other’

A game show in The Netherlands supposedly pits failed asylum seekers against each other to win cash to spend after being deported back to their home country.

In the show called "Leaving the Netherlands" or "Mad About the Netherlands", contestants are flanked by women dressed as air hostesses as they answer questions about Dutch culture, language and history.
The would-be immigrant who has learnt the most about the Netherlands during his stay wins £3,500 to spend after deportation.
The losers win 'consolation prizes’ which include a bag of tulips bulbs and a bullet proof vest.
Among the contestants on Thursday’s pilot show on the VPRO channel is an aeronautical engineer set to be deported to Cameroon and a Slavic languages student who will be sent home to Chechnya. 

“The candidates are not actors, they are genuine unsuccessful asylum seekers who have to leave this country within a month or two.
“The show focuses attention on the fact that these days many asylum seekers being expelled have children who know nothing about their country of origin.
“They have had a good education, speak perfect Dutch and have only seen their country of birth on television. We believe it’s time to stop and think about this.”
Dutch television channels have a history of using spoof game shows to highlight serious issues, such as the 2007 'win a kidney' reality television show.
Perhaps in Australia we could award the winner membership of one of the political parties.
Membership of the Liberal party---a trip to Nauru
Membership of the Labor party----a trip to Malaya
Membership of the Greens---------a trip to the Gold Coast
Membership of the Nationals------unpaid work in the bush
"A Game show, The price is right at only $3500"!!!!!!!!
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