20 Nov 2011

''In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done! (Maggie Thatcher) ask a woman.''

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, could well ponder that line as she heads into the final parliamentary week of the year.

In the past few weeks

  • She has managed to get the carbon tax passed.

  • Promised pay increases for low-paid workers.

  • Used Qantas's industrial woes to skewer the opposition.

  • Basked in the attention of the US President, Barack Obama.

  • This week, the government is confident it will get support for its mining tax, which will pay for increases in compulsory superannuation contributions.

Leadership talk has died down and no Parliament for the next 2½ months means Gillard's job is safe for the immediate future.

It's enough to make a prime minister think she might be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine and even get some time to relax over summer, with a couple of crime novels.

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