2 Nov 2011

JEW'S BELIEVE IN RITUAL KILLING OF ANIMALS, they are not very different to Muslims.

A Dutch move to curb the ritual slaughter of animals is topping the agenda at a meeting of European Jewish leaders in the Polish capital Warsaw.
There has always been a great deal said about Islam in this regard, however now it is someone else's turn, what's different is this, the Rabbi's have brought the spectre of Nazism into the argument.
In Jewish "shechita" slaughter, the animals die fully conscious which is similar to the method used in the Islamic religion.
Both Jewish and Muslim groups argue that properly performed ritual slaughter does meet animal welfare standards, which of course it doesn't, and  they say the Dutch bill restricts religious freedom.
Many countries around the world are moving in the same direction with Animal Rights and in many Muslim countries the newer method of stunning is becoming the excepted practice.
The Dutch are due to vote on the bill in December.
Debate over the issue has caused animosity towards the Netherlands' 1.2 million-strong Muslim and Jewish community, though the Jewish population is comparatively small, at 50,000.
"There needs to be a place where religious rights meet animal rights said Poland's chief Rabbi, Michael Schudrich.He says there is only one way because shechita is the humane way.Perhaps this Rabbi should take a leaf out of the forward looking Muslim countries reaction to stunning.Rabbi, Michael Schudrich told AFP news agency that the last time shechita was banned across Europe was under the Nazis.
Is he claiming that Holland is Nazi or is it that he is using the Holocaust illegitimately as many Jewish groups do to trigger the memories of Nazism.
According to Rabbi, Michael Schudrich and his beliefs, all countries that are in the process of banning ritual killing or have already banned this type of killing may be leaning towards Nazism. Who's the fanatic. 

Ritual Slaughter as part of the Jewish religion goes back to the very ancient times of unenlightened savagery, to a time when the Jews thought that it was God ordained to slaughter men, women, and sometimes even the little male children of tribes who were defending there land against the Jewish invaders. ( READ Numbers 31:17-18 ).

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