11 Nov 2011


Malay man arrested for forcing 21 'wives' into prostitution 
Malaysia Sun
Thursday 10th November, 2011  

A 32-year-old man from Malaysia has been arrested for marrying 21 women through fake marriages and then forcing them into prostitution during the past nine years.

According to Utusan Malaysia, the man's "business" came to an end after one of his victims was saved by the police, the Star Online reported.

The man is said to have married 18 locals and three women from a neighbouring country after getting fake marriage certificates from a syndicate.

He would then force them to become prostitutes in several states and beat them up if they refused.

Julia, the 18-year-old who was rescued, was saved after her sister called the paper to help find her, and officers from Bukit Aman found her at a rented house in Bahau.

The man, who was found wearing two talismans to help charm women.

It is believed that many men have tried to contact him to find out what the talismans are and where you to get them from.

His treatment of these women was atrocious, it is unbelievable that he got away with it, particularly with so many local women. 

I personally think one wife is quite a handful never mind 21 of them , imagine trying this on with one Australian women, they'd have your guts for garters!!.

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