27 Nov 2011


Peter Slipper's 'squalid' rise to backfire
 Very Clever Politics!

PETER Slipper's rise to parliamentary Speaker was a squalid manoeuvre which voters will punish, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.
Abbott has a short memory!
"The Australian people do not like the sort of kind of sordid, squalid, toxic deals that they saw in the parliament this week," Mr Abbott told the NSW Liberal Party State Council. 

"What happened in the parliament this week makes it all the more certain we will win."He hopes!

He said Mr Slipper's elevation to Speaker was designed to shore up Prime Minister Julia Gillard's job.

He failed to say that he was trying to get Oakshot to take the job to shore up his own position.

Mr Slipper becoming Speaker would cost the Coalition a vote in the House of Representatives
"Yes, for a little while we have lost a vote in the parliament," he continued. "But we have not lost our integrity."He said tongue in cheek.

He then made a Pontius Pilate statement The Mr Slipper problem is no longer our problem, it's a problem which is henceforth in the governments hands.
Tony you can't wash hands clean on this one mate, he was your mate a while ago! 

He didn't mention that the Coalition had nominated the same Mr Slipper for the Speakership against Mr Jenkins not so long ago.
If Slipper was such a dastardly figure, why nominate him then, what has changed, Abbott didn't get government that's whats changed, he was out maneuvered by Julia Gillard and has never got over it!

Abbotts arrogance during the negotiations with the Independents has cost him government and now has cost him a very valuable extra vote.

Members of his party must be wondering if he is worthy of leadership, already voters do not consider him to be Prime Minister material.


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