1 Dec 2011

PUTIN has look alike "BROTHER PUTIN" in China

China's 'Brother Putin', 48, hopes to find a wife after gaining attention

Updated: 22 Nov 2011
With his Chinese double Luo Yuanping, right, Vladimir Putin may find a way to fulfill his dream of being both prime minister and president at the same time. (Photo/Xinhua, Internet Photo)
A farmer from central China has recently been found to bare a striking resemblance to Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, who this week was awarded China's Confucius Peace Prize.
Luo Yuanping has become a minor celebrity in both China and Russia after a visiting journalist discovered his likeness to Putin. Luo says that whenever he sees Putin on TV, he imagines making a visit to Russia.
Fellow villagers in Anhui province have begun to call the 48-year-old Luo "Brother Putin," according to the UK's Daily Telegraph. He is reportedly delighted about the attention he has received and the village is also glad to have a local celebrity.
Luo, who is single, also hopes the attention may help him find a wife. "I wish to have a wife and a family," he told a reporter. The surprise celebrity has also found himself a new job: he recently gave up farming and started work as a nurse.
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