31 Jan 2012


Shopper, 25, asked for ID to buy TEASPOONS – as shop worker says they could be used as drug paraphernalia

  • Elinor Zuke told she needed to prove she was 18 to buy £1.19 six-pack of spoons
  • Heroin addicts put drug in teaspoon to 'cook' it
  • Age should be irrelevant as heroin is a Class A drug

Teaspoons: Elinor Zuke, 25, who works for trade magazine The Grocer, was told the spoons could be used as 'drugs paraphernalia'
Teaspoons: Elinor Zuke, 25, who works for trade magazine The Grocer, was told the spoons could be used as 'drugs paraphernalia'

Elinor Zuke, 25, was told by the self-service checkout at Sainsbury's that she needed age verification as she tried to buy a £1.19 pack of spoons.
A shop worker then intervened and said it was because of the risk they could be used for drugs - heroin users 'cook up' the drug in teaspoons.
Heroin is an illegal Class A drug - so it is irrelevant whether someone is over 18 - the spoon should not be used for that purpose anyway.
The maximum sentence for possessing heroin is seven years in prison or an unlimited fine.
The supermarket giant apologised for the blunder at the store in West Green, Crawley, West Sussex, and blamed a fault in their system.
When Ms Zuke, a reporter on trade magazine The Grocer, asked why the purchase had to be verified, she was told that the six-pack of spoons 'could be used as drug paraphernalia.'

Have people become so paranoid, perhaps the tabloids have convinced us that everyone is on drugs.

God forbid what would happen if you wanted to buy a spade, what ungodly crime might you use it for.

Come on England, Come on, Come on, let's get real.


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27 Jan 2012

Julia Gillard given the Slipper, Tony Abbott given the boot.

Tony Abbott's diplomacy has once again reached a high, his untimely comments about the tent embassy were reacted to exactly as you would expect. It fired up some of the younger protesters to take stupid actions and did nothing to advance the indigenous cause.

On a lighter note the aboriginal leadership is offering to return Julia Gallard's belongings.

Julia Gillard the Australian Prime Minister has lost her slipper(no, not the speaker!).

As she left in a hurry from a restaurant besieged by protesters in Canberra yesterday she lost her slipper.

A Prince has found the slipper and has offered to return it if it fits, in return he would like Julia to arrange for Mr Abbott to make a visit to the see the Prince himself.

The Prince would like to give Mr Abbott a boot rather than a slipper, he believes that he can make it fit with a little persuasion.

He believes that Mr Abbott should learn that you should never put the boot on the wrong foot.

Shouldn't get the bulls by horns
Don't be caught by the short and curlies
Shoot strait don't hit self in the foot
Put foot on ground not in mouth
Speak with forked tongue only in big house
Don't open mouth before thought arrive


The statements by Tony Abbott incited protesters to take some sort of action when he said that the Aboriginal Embassy was past its use by date.

Abbott's timing was impeccable, the indigenous people were celebrating the anniversary of the tent Embassy right next to the restaurant. His remarks were like a red rag to a bull(he should have known better) and there were  trouble makers(though only a few) enough  to cause problems for security and frighten both Gillard and Abbott.

This example of Abbott's mouth being let loose on its own once again without a little forethought.

Is this the man who would be our Prime Minister, imagine on the world stage, what could we expect. It appears he just does not think before he speaks.

26 Jan 2012

Weapons of mass destruction--Iraq--Read Iran???

I s the west preparing for war using the tired old "Weapons of mass destruction's" tag once again, even though this line was used to death in Iraq and totally discredited.

The increase in sanctions seems totally out of context when trying to force Iran to the talks table, it only increases the likely of hood of moving them further down the path to nuclear weapons.

Most experts believe they are not making the grade required to manufacture weapons and up till now they have not shown that they intend to do so.

The increase in sanctions will do nothing to help, in fact they are turning the ordinary citizens into supporters of a government they do not like very much.

Threatening a countries people increases nationalism and does not bring about change of government.

You don't need a sledge hammer to crack an egg, even birds will pick up and drop an egg many times before it breaks.

Guess what they call this method-----PATIENTS---perhaps this is a new word for us Westerners

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